Trinamool Congress MPs held protests in Delhi against the disappearance of freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose’s hologram from a canopy at the India Gate on Thursday.

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, Mausam Noor, Sougato Roy, Nadimul Haque and Shanta Chetri were the MPs who protested outside the canopy where the hologram is normally displayed. They held placards saying “Don’t black out Netaji”, and “Let there be light”.

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said that the Union government has hurt the sentiments of people who adore Bose by turning off the hologram, India Today reported.

“The hologram was a part of damage control,” he said. “First, they did not allow Bengal’s tableau on Netaji [during the Republic Day parade], which was condemned by his daughter and family. Then later this hologram was put up where Bose is seen to be saluting. Whom is Netaji saluting? Modi?”

However, officials from the Union culture ministry said that the hologram was switched off due to the rain as it could have caused a short circuit, and because the wind would distort the image, according to The Hindu. The wind speed up to 15 kilometres per hour would have affected the thin screen on which the hologram was displayed, the officials added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unveiled the hologram of Bose at the India Gate on January 23, the freedom fighter’s birth anniversary.

Modi had said at the time that the previous governments tried to erase the contributions of many great personalities. “Freedom struggle involved the penance of lakhs of countrymen, but efforts were made to limit their history as well,” he had added. “The country is now correcting the mistakes made in decades after Independence.”

The hologram is powered by a 30,000 lumens 4K projector. A 3D image of Bose is projected on it to create the effect of a hologram.

The hologram will be replaced by a granite statue once it is ready.