Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday summoned a meeting his cabinet ministers even as the National Assembly was voting against the no-confidence motion against him, PTI reported.

The meeting was scheduled for 9 pm at the Prime Minister’s House to review the political situation of the country.

The Opposition had moved the no-trust vote, alleging that Khan had failed to control inflation and was responsible for the economic crisis in Pakistan.

The no-confidence motion was originally scheduled for April 3 but National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri had dismissed the vote, ruling that it was linked to a “foreign conspiracy” to topple Khan’s government. Hours later, President Arif Alvi had dissolved the National Assembly on Khan’s advice.

Khan has been claiming that the no-confidence motion against him resulted from a “foreign nation”. Khan had initially named the United States of America as the country behind the letter but had quickly dismissed it. The United States has refuted Khan’s claim.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken suo motu cognisance of the April 3 developments and began a hearing. On Thursday, the court restored the National Assembly, calling the decision of the Deputy Speaker to dissolve it erroneous. It also ordered Suri to call a session on Saturday to organise the no-trust vote.

In a public address on Friday, Khan said he was saddened by the Supreme Court’s verdict but that he accepted it. He also urged the public to peacefully protest against what he called an “imported government”.

“All the people should come out of their houses [after Sunday prayers] to protest against the foreign-funded drama and I will be there with you as I will never accept this foreign conspiracy against Pakistan,” he said.