The Toronto Police Service on Tuesday said that it has arrested a man who is suspected of killing 21-year-old Indian student Kartik Vasudev in Canada, ANI reported.

In a statement, the police said it has identified the suspect as 39-year-old Richard Jonathan Edwin.

“Investigators allege that Richard Jonathan Edwin discharged a handgun striking the victim multiple times before fleeing the scene,” the statement read.

On April 7, Vasudev was shot at the Glen Road entrance to Sherbourne subway station while he was on his way to work.

Vasudev, who was studying global management at Seneca University in Toronto, had shifted to Canada in January. He was staying in an apartment that he shared with his cousin.

After joining college, Vasudev had found a job at a restaurant in the Downtown area, where he used to commute using the subway and bus.

His family lives in Ghaziabad.

On Tuesday, the police said that the suspected killer shot at another victim, Elijah Eleazar Mahepath.

“The accused discharged multiple rounds striking the [second] victim,” the statement read. “Again, he fled the scene on foot.”

Mahepath was shot at just two days after Vasudev was killed, the police noted.

According to the police, these murders were random attacks and the victims were not known to the accused person.