Two out of 14 passengers injured in severe turbulence faced by a SpiceJet aircraft from Mumbai on Sunday evening during its descent at the Durgapur airport in West Bengal have been admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said, reported PTI.

“One admitted to Diamond Hospital, suffering from a head injury and the other admitted to the Mission Hospital with a spinal injury,” the aviation regulator said on Monday.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation also took the flight’s crew, aircraft maintenance engineer and the person in-charge of SpiceJet’s maintenance control centre off the roster till an inquiry ordered into the incident is completed. “The involved aircraft is at present grounded in Kolkata,” it added.

The aviation regulator said that it has also decided to inspect the entire fleet of SpiceJet. The airline has 91 aircraft in its fleet, according to its website.

Earlier in the day, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation constituted a multidisciplinary team to look into the matter.

The Mumbai to Durgapur flight had about 200 passengers. Three cabin crew members were also injured when the aircraft encountered turbulence while landing at Durgapur’s Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, the aviation regulator said. After it landed safely at 7.15 pm, the injured travellers were taken for treatment.

A video reportedly shot from inside the aircraft and shared on social media showed passengers in a state of panic. Several cups, bottles and belongings of passengers were seen scattered on the floor.

Arun Kumar, Director General of Civil Aviation chief, said that a few passengers sustained head injuries and received stitches, The Indian Express reported.

SpiceJet said that 11 people were hospitalised following the incident, out of which eight have been discharged, News18 reported.

“The seat belt sign was on when the aircraft encountered turbulence,” the airline said. “Multiple announcements were made by the pilots and the crew instructing passengers to remain seated and keep their seat belts fastened. Due to severe turbulence, injuries were caused to few passengers. Timely medical assistance was provided upon arrival.”