Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused Opposition parties of attempting to divide the country on the basis of caste and region. He urged Bharatiya Janata Party workers to warn citizens about the dangers of such politics.

Modi made the statement while addressing a meeting of BJP office-bearers through video conferencing.

Some political parties constantly look for small incidents to create tensions and poison the society, alleged Modi. “These political parties always try to incite people – sometimes in the name of caste and sometimes in the name of regionalism,” he said. “BJP workers must constantly warn people about the dangers of such politics.”

The prime minister said that dynastic politics has caused “immense harm” to the country after Independence. “Dynastic parties wasted the country’s precious time by resorting to corruption, fraud and nepotism,” he alleged.

Modi asserted that only the BJP could win the confidence of young persons who were “betrayed by dynastic politics”. The party should include every young person who is “eager to write the code of the country’s bright future”, he added.

The prime minister alleged that the “ecosystem of some parties” was solely focussed on diverting the country’s attention from matters of real importance.

Modi also commented on the New Education Policy, and said that it gives priority to regional languages and showed the BJP’s commitment towards every regional language. “The BJP considers all Indian languages as the soul of the country, and considers them as a link to a better future for the country,” he said.

The New Education Policy recommends that students learn three languages of which two must be native to India. Several Opposition parties have alleged that the policy amounts to the imposition of Hindi on regions where the language is not spoken.