IndiGo airline has been fined Rs 5 lakh for not allowing a boy with special needs to board a flight, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Saturday, ANI reported.

More compassionate handling of the situation “would have smoothened the nerves, calmed the child and would have obviated the need for the extreme step resulting in denied boarding to the passengers”, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said, according to NDTV.

On May 8, the IndiGo staff members did not let the child board the Ranchi-Hyderabad flight, claiming that he was “uncontrollable and in a state of panic”, according to Manisha Gupta, a passenger.

In her Facebook post, she said that the staff members had described the boy as a risk to other passengers and that he would have to “become normal” before travelling. The airline did not let him board the flight even though other passengers had said that they had no objections, Gupta added.

In a statement, IndiGo had claimed that the ground staff waited for the child to calm down till the last minute, but it did not happen. Gupta, however, claimed that the child had calmed down and was ready to board the flight.

The airline had said it was “distressed by the unfortunate incident”. It also offered to purchase an electronic wheelchair for the child as the matter escalated.