There is no proposal under consideration to grant menstrual leaves to government employees, the Centre told the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Minister of Women and Child Development of India Smriti Irani made the statement in response to a question on whether the government is implementing the provision under the Menstruation Benefit Bill 2017.

Congress Lok Sabha MP Ninong Ering had introduced the The Menstruation Benefits Bill in 2017.

Under the Bill, women employed by both public and private establishments registered with the central and state governments, are entitled to two days of menstrual leave every month, which would amount to 24 days of leave annually.

On Friday, Irani said that the the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972, applicable to central government employees, do not have any such provisions.

“However, various types of leave are available to a female government employee under these Rules in the form of Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave, Extra Ordinary Leave, Child Care Leave, Commuted Leave, Maternity Leave, Leave on Medical Certificate, Leave Not due, etc,” she said.

The minister added that the government been implementing schemes for promoting menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls since 2011.

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