Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Thursday targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party saying that it could resort to any kind of mischief in order to come to power in a state, NDTV reported.

“They [BJP] want power,” Soren said in an interview to the news channel. “They don’t want anybody else in the country to be in power.”

Soren’s remarks came four days after five persons, including three Congress MLAs, were detained in West Bengal’s Howrah with a huge amount of cash in their vehicle.

The MLAs were subsequently suspended by Congress, which alleged that the money was part of a conspiracy by the BJP to topple its coalition government in Jharkhand. The BJP, however, has denied these allegations

The Congress is part of the ruling alliance with the Soren-led Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Rashtriya Janata Dal in Jharkhand.

“Our alliance partner has indicated that something is going on,” Soren told NDTV. “We have taken note of their concern and we are analysing it. Their [Congress MLAs] behaviour seems to have changed in the last three days in the assembly.”

The Jharkhand chief minister claimed that the situation in the country was such that it was all about “buying governments”.

“Who will become MLAs, who will become chief minister, these are decided by the voters,” Soren told NDTV. “But it seems our leaders have lost faith in governance and only believe in wealth.”

On the arrest of the now-suspended Congress MLAs, Soren said that it was a matter of concern.

“We have always suspected a conspiracy. We are following closely,” he said in the interview. “Let’s see, if you wait long enough...You might find out that whatever is happening is linked to the BJP.”

The chief minister further said that saving the ruling coalition would require cooperation from the alliance partners. “I will do everything I can,” he said.