The police in the US state of Texas on Thursday arrested a woman after a video of her assaulting and racially abusing a group of Indian-American women was shared widely on social media.

The police in Plano city identified the woman as Esmeralda Upton and charged her for assault and terrorist threats.

The video shows Upton, who identified herself as a Mexican-American, saying that she hates Indians. “Go back to India,” she says. “You...people are ruining this country.”

Upton is also seen assaulting some of the women.

She told the women that she was born in the United States, and asked the Indian-American women where they were born.

It was not immediately clear what caused the outburst.

Authorities are investigating the case as a hate crime.

The incident had occurred on Wednesday night in a parking lot outside a restaurant, PTI reported. The person who initially posted the video wrote that this took place “after my mom and her three friends went to dinner”.