The price of commercial liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, cylinders weighing 19 kilograms was on Saturday cut by Rs 25.50 per unit, PTI reported.

With this, a commercial LPG cylinder will now cost Rs 1,859.50 in Delhi, according to the Indian Oil Corporation website. The prices of a 19-kilogram cylinder in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are Rs 1,811.50, Rs 1,959.00 and Rs 2,009.50, respectively.

This was the sixth time that the prices of commercial LPG cylinders were cut amid lowering global energy prices. The rates of 14.2-kilogram domestic cylinders, however, remain unchanged.

The prices of commercial gas cylinders vary from state to state on account of local taxes. LPG cylinder rates are revised every month for all states and Union Territories.

Meanwhile, the rates of aviation turbine fuel, or jet fuel, were also reduced by 4.5% on Saturday, according to PTI. Jet fuel now costs Rs 1,15,520.27 per kilolitre in Delhi.

Fuel prices are an important component of retail inflation in India. In August, the country’s retail inflation soared to 7% after falling for three consecutive months.

For eight months now, retail inflation has remained above the upper limit mandated by the Reserve Bank of India. The central bank aims to keep inflation in the range of 2% to 6%.