Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Sunday that according to an Intelligence Bureau report his Aam Aadmi Party can form a government in Gujarat if elections are held today. Assembly polls are scheduled to be held in the state in two months.

“If elections were held today, as per this Intelligence Bureau report, the Aam Aadmi Party is forming the government [in Gujarat], though by a thin margin, ahead by a few seats,” said Kejriwal during a press conference in Rajkot. “The people of Gujarat will have to give a powerful push to make us a government with a majority.”

Kejriwal also alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress are covertly trying to oust the AAP from Gujarat.

“The BJP is making all efforts so that the Congress can be strengthened somehow and anti-BJP votes get divided,” he added. “So that all those who are unhappy with the BJP get divided. And the Congress has been given the responsibility of taking as many votes of the AAP as it can.”

The Delhi chief minister urged Gujarat voters not to support the Congress, saying it would lead to the victory of the BJP. He alleged that the BJP will poach Congress MLAs to form a government if it fails to get majority votes.

“Voting for the Congress is useless and not in the interest of Gujarat,” the AAP national convener said. “Those who are angry with the BJP, all of you vote for the AAP so that change can be brought about in Gujarat...break the record of Delhi and Punjab.”

Last month, Kejriwal had said that the “Congress is finished” and voters should rather look at his party as the alternative to the ruling BJP government in Gujarat.

He had also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advisor Hiren Joshi has warned several television news channel owners and their editors not to give coverage to AAP ahead of the Assembly elections in Gujarat.

The AAP will be contesting on all 182 Assembly seats in the state. The party has promised 300 units of free electricity per month, free education in government schools, Rs 1,000 allowance to women and monthly stipend to new lawyers in its election campaign.