The Government Railway Police detained a Russian national on Saturday after he was spotted at Bhubaneswar railway station with a placard against Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported The Indian Express.

The man, identified as Andrew Glagolev, was seen at the Bhubaneswar railway station holding a placard that read: “I am Russian refugee, I am against war, I am against Putin, I am homeless, please help me”, reported PTI.

“He [Glagolev] came to India in 2016, and has been in Odisha for the last three months, mostly in Puri,” said Inspector-in-charge of Government Railway Police police station, Bhubaneswar, Jayadev Biswajit. “So far, we have found nothing suspicious.”

The 58-year-old has also applied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for asylum in India as his visa expired, said Biswajit.

Odisha Police investigates deaths of two Russians

Glagolev’s detention comes days after two Russians mysteriously died at a hotel in Odisha. On December 25, Russian meat tycoon and politician Pavel Antov was found dead at Hotel Sai International in Odisha’s Rayagada district. Antov reportedly died after he fell from a window in the hotel.

On December 22, Antov’s friend, Vladimir Bidenov had died of a heart attack at the same hotel.

In June, Antov had expressed his disapproval of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after a missile attack on a residential block in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv. “It’s extremely difficult to call all this anything but terror,” Antov had said in a WhatsApp message, which was later deleted.

On Saturday, the Crime Investigation Department of the Odisha Police also seized burnt remnants of Antov and Bidenov from the cremation ground at Rayagada for forensic examination as part of its inquiry into their deaths, reported PTI.

The police have also recorded statements of two other Russian nationals who were accompanying Antov and Bidenov during their tour.