Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Dilbag Singh on Friday said that six residents have been arrested for allegedly sheltering the militants who carried out the attack on an army vehicle in Poonch district on April 20, PTI reported.

Five Army personnel were killed and another was critically injured after the militants ambushed their vehicle.

Singh told reporters that the attack was well-planned and executed by three to five militants.

According to the police, those arrested also provided logistical support to militants. Singh claimed that arms, including steel-coated armour-piercing bullets and explosives, were air dropped by a drone from Pakistan with an intention to inflict maximum damage, according to The Times of India.

The officer identified one of the arrested accused as Nisar Ahmad and claimed that he as well as his family provided food and shelter to the militants.

“One full module in this has been caught,” Singh said, adding that the arms and ammunition that had been air dropped were received by Ahmad.

“Such attacks can’t be carried out without local support,” Singh added. “The terrorists were provided shelter at one place and transport to carry out the attack at another. They had done a proper recce of the area and despite rain, succeeded in targeting the army vehicle plying with almost zero speed due to a blind turn.”

The police have questioned 200 persons so far as the militants involved in the attack remain untraced amid rising concerns that they might manage to migrate to other locations.