Several exit polls on Wednesday predicted that the Congress would emerge as the single-largest party in the Karnataka Assembly elections with some projecting that it would get a majority.

The majority mark in the 224-member Assembly is 113.

The predictions were made after voting for the Assembly election concluded at 6 pm on Wednesday. A voter turnout of 69.95% was recorded. The votes will be counted on May 13.

In the elections, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is fighting to retain the only southern state in which it is in power. The Congress is hoping that Karnataka sticks to its tradition since 1985 of voting out the incumbent party in the Assembly polls. The Janata Dal (Secular), headed by former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, could play a critical role in government formation if neither of the national parties reaches the halfway mark on their own.

Exit polls

Source Congress BJP JD(S) Others
ABP News-CVoter 100-112 83-95 21-29 2-6
India Today-Axis My India 122-140 62-80 20-25 N/A
News 24- Chanakya 120 92 12 0
Republic P-MARQ  94-108 85-100 24-32 2-6
Times Now-ETG  113  85  23 N/A

On Wednesday, an exit poll conducted by India Today-Axis predicted a clear majority for the Congress party with 122 to 140 seats. The BJP, it said, could win between 62 to 80 seats and the JD(S) between 20 to 25.

Another exit poll by Times Now-ETG suggested the Congress would win 113 seats. It predicted a win for the BJP on 85 seats and the JD(S) on 23.

A poll by News24-Chanakya also predicted a win for the Congress with 120 seats. The BJP is likely to get 92 seats and the JD(S) 12 seats in the state, according to the pollster.

A survey done by ABP News-C Voter predicted a hung Assembly but said that Congress could win up to 100 to 112 seats. It predicted the BJP to win 83 to 95 seats for the BJP and 21 to 29 seats for the JD(S).

Similarly, the Republic TV-P-MARQ exit poll predicted 94 to 108 seats for the Congress, 85 to 100 for the BJP and 24 to 32 seats for the JD(S).

The exit polls also show that in case of a hung Assembly, JD(S) could emerge as the kingmaker.