The “brutish concept” of changing partners every season cannot be considered a hallmark of a “stable and healthy” society, the Allahabad High Court said on Tuesday while granting bail to a man accused of raping his live-in partner, reported Live Law.

“Live-in relationship shall only be considered as normal after the institution of marriage becomes obsolete in this country, like in many of the so-called developed countries where it has become a big problem for them to protect the institution of marriage,” said Justice Siddharth.

The judge remarked that “infidelity” in marriages as well as live-in-relationships are now being considered signs of a progressive society. But he added: “The youth gets attracted to such philosophy being advanced unaware of the long-term consequences.”

The accused man in the case before the High Court was arrested on April 18 for allegedly going back on his promise to marry his 19-year-old live-in partner. The man had refused to marry the woman after she got pregnant, reported Live Law. Following this, the woman filed a complaint of rape on the false pretext of marriage.

On Tuesday, the judge said it was another case in which after “enjoying the live-in relationship”, the couple parted ways. He said that the woman, after leaving the man, filed the complaint to be able to “come within the ambit of the socially accepted norms and relationship of marriage”.

“From social ostracisation to indecent public comments become part of her post-live-in relationship ordeal,” Justice Siddharth said, adding that he has seen similar cases in which women file such cases in an attempt to convert the relationship into marriage and receive “social sanction”.

The judge also blamed movies and television shows for contributing to the “systematic design” that is trying to destroy the institution of marriage in the country, according to Live Law.

The court was of the view that people who do not have a cordial relationship with their family cannot contribute to the country’s progress. Siddharth also said that moving from one relation to another does not lead to a fulfilling existence and children born from such relationships face a lot of problems, reported Live Law.

“When their parents separated, they became a burden on society,” he added. “They fall into the wrong company and a national loss of good citizens occurs. In the case of a female child born out of live-in relationship, there are other ill effects which are too obvious to be elaborated on. Courts came across such cases daily.”