The Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate, an IT workers union, has written to the Union labour and employment ministry alleging that Tata Consultancy Services has been “systematically forcing” over 2,000 employees to transfer to different cities without proper notice or consultation, NDTV reported on Wednesday.

This is putting the employees of India’s largest IT firm “through unnecessary hardship and is violating their rights”, the union alleged.

The body has received complaints from 180 associates about the relocation notices, reported the Business Line. It said that over 1,500 employees do not wish to comply with the notices.

According to the transfer notices reviewed by Business Line, Tata Consultancy Services has given its employees only two weeks to relocate. The firm has also directed the employees to pay for travel and accommodation on their own and seek reimbursement later.

The employees have alleged that those resisting transfer are facing action and have been locked out of the office systems, reported Business Line.

Harpreet Singh Saluja, the union spokesperson, said that the move was a clear downsizing tactic.

“The employees who agreed to the transfer to new locations are sitting idle with no new projects,” Saluja said. “TCS argued that the transfers were needed for project requirements. TCS does not want to lay off employees because they would have to pay a retrenchment fee.”

The development comes after the firm ended the work-from-home practice in October.

The workers union has asked the labour ministry to look into the matter for possible labour code violations, reported Mint.

“We urge the Ministry of Labour and Employment to take immediate action to investigate TCS’ transfer practices and take appropriate action against the company,” the union said. “We also request the ministry to formulate new policies and regulations to protect IT workers from unethical transfer practices.”