The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board collected Rs 1.1 lakh in fine in total from 22 families in Bengaluru till Sunday for using drinking water for non-essential purposes such as washing cars and gardening, The Times of India reported.

Earlier this month, the water board of the capital city of Karnataka had banned the use of potable water for purposes other than drinking, including cleaning vehicles, gardening, construction and entertainment.

The order was passed as the city is facing a drinking water crisis owing to rising temperatures and a decrease in groundwater levels.

“Between Friday and today [Sunday], we have booked 22 cases and collected spot fines from people and given them receipts like traffic police do,” V Ram Prasath Manohar, the chairperson of the board, told The Times of India.

According to the orders, those violating the ban will be fined Rs 5,000. A repeat of the offence will attract an additional fine of Rs 500 per day. The water and sewerage board has asked people to report anyone who violates the ban on its helpline number.

The water board started implementing the orders from March 22 after running an awareness drive regarding the new restriction, Manohar told the newspaper.

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