The Islamic State on Wednesday said it had killed one Norwegian and one Chinese captive, showing the bodies of two men under a banner titled “Executed” in their English magazine Dabiq. It did not detail how, when and where they were killed, Reuters reported. The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who had confirmed in September a citizen named Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad had been taken captive, said it was likely that he was dead and condemned the killing. The Chinese Foreign ministry also said it was “greatly shocked” by the reports, saying he was “cruelly killed” and promising to “bring to justice” those responsible. ISIS had earlier identified a Chinese captive as freelance consultant Fan Jinghui.

The militant group had in a previous issue showed pictures of two captive men and claimed they were Norwegian and Chinese. The group had said they might be released on ransom, though the country's had not stepped forward to pay any. The magazine’s latest edition also showed a photograph of the bomb that brought down the Russian place over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula last month.