A rape survivor launched a scathing attack on Uttar Pradesh minority welfare minister Azam Khan on Friday after he allegedly advised her to not seek “fame and attention” for “her disgrace” when she tried to approach him for help. "Azam Khan did not help us, instead he started making untoward statements. Now I can't go to him. Being a minister he should not have said such thing,” she told ANI. The woman said she had been raped in a moving car and her husband stabbed by three men, whom she named earlier this year. When the police did not help them, they went to Khan, but have not been able to meet him, she said. Her lawyer said her case was registered on July 27.

According to ANI, Khan, on the sidelines of a function, said: "I will take her memorandum and go ahead, but she sure has gained publicity now. Her complaint is clearly in connection to the disgrace she is facing, but if she goes around spreading the incident that happened with her, how will she face the world.” Bharatiya Janata Party leaders criticised Khan and demanded action against him. Khan has been known to make several contentious statements in the past. Among them was his infamous statement that mobile phones were leading to a rise in rape cases.