Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday voiced his concern over the growing number of terror attacks across the world and called for a global resolve and new strategies to fight terrorism. He also welcomed the commitment to delink religion from terrorism and the efforts to promote human values that define every faith, reported PTI.

Addressing the Association for Southeast Asian Nations summit in Kuala Lumpur, Modi said that terrorism is no longer a “peripheral problem”, as its shadow stretches across the globe. He called the recent terror attacks in Beirut, Paris, Ankara, Mali and the Russian airplane bombing barbaric. Modi pointed out that the world still looks to Southeast Asia to address global challenges and that the ASEAN Summit is key to shaping the region’s future.

On the sidelines of the summit, United States President Barack Obama also emphasised the need to fight terror, and said the key to fighting the Islamic State militant group is to not succumb to fear in the wake of terror attacks. Obama said it was vital for countries to show that they would not stop from doing business because of terror attacks, and said that ISIS are merely a “bunch of killers with good social media”.