9.03 pm: That's it from us here. Hope you enjoyed that enthralling game!

9.01 pm: Atletico de Kolkata play Chennaiyin FC at the Salt Lake Stadium tomorrow and don't they have a task on their hands. Chennai walked over them 3-0 and Kolkata have a mountain to climb. They can take inspiration from Delhi's performance here though.

9.00 pm: The entire stadium is on its feet and why not? Goa were eliminated in a penalty shootout last time but this time they've made it through. The final will be played at his very ground on Sunday so they will fancy themselves to win. It's been a brilliant comeback from them!

8.59 pm: Poor Delhi. They were good in that first leg and even today they had their chances. Unfortunately, those missed chances from the first leg will come back to haunt them. Goa went on the front foot and by the time Delhi started to cope with it, it was too late. Carlos had a good season but it has finally come to an end.

8.57 pm: ALL OVER! GOA ARE THE FIRST TEAM TO MAKE IT TO THE FINALS! What a fightback from the Gaurs after going down 1-0 in the first leg. Zico made some inspired selections, bringing in Rafael and Dudu and they worked out brilliantly for him. They were inspired in attack, played fluid football and deserve to win 3-0 tonight and 3-1 on aggregate.

8.54 pm: Santos goes for glory but was a tad too optimistic. Goes sailing over.

8.52 pm: FIVE MINUTES ADDED ON. There is time. But Delhi need to cool down.

8.50 pm: UGLY! Lot of action on the touch line. Adil Nabi gets involved with the referee, gets a straight red card. Not happy, gets into the official's faces. While going off, he throws his dib at someone. Incites the crowd. People struggle to hold him back. Do we need to see such scenes?

8.45 pm: THAT SHOULD BE IT! Goa get the third. That should be curtains for Delhi. Corner for Goa, Joffre crosses, Romeo Fernandes lays it back, Dudu makes no mistake in front of goal. The crowd has gone berserk. Dudu has gone on a jig. He deserves it! How well-timed was that goal?

8.44 pm: DOBLAS, TAKE A BOW. Another vital save. Dudu was clean through. And Doblas puts in a hand from nowhere.

8.43 pm: WHEW! CLOSE ON BOTH ENDS! First Goa unleash a volley of shots before the ball bounces off to Robin Singh who tries to unleash a counter-attack. Passes a tad too late though and it's judged offside.

8.39 pm: Top keeping from Kattimani. Good shot from Sehnaj Singh, very far out, but on target. Kattimani collects and hangs on to it. Vital take, that was.

8.37 pm: Right, only 15 more minutes to go. Delhi need to get one from somewhere. They've enjoyed a spell of possession so far but it's high time they make it count.

8.30 pm: That was fast. Lucca came in a few moments back and has already got himself a yellow card for bringing down Santos.

8.27 pm: Delhi have been quietly pushing forward but the Goa defence have remained firm, clearing up cautiously and not taking too many risks.

8.25 pm: Ok, stretcher out. And by know, you know who it's for. Rafael is stretchered out (again) but this time for good. Jonatan Lucca is replacing. What a game it has been for Rafael though.

8.20 pm: It's been a physical game and Goa, in particular, have been guilty of a lot of fouls. Now Mandar Desai gets his name taken into the book.

8.19 pm: DOBLAS, YOU BEAUTY! First commits a rookie error and collides with his defender, spilling the ball. But makes an incredible reflex save to deny Goa again. He is keeping Delhi in this game.

8.16 pm: Nabi swings in a free kick straight into the hands of the keeper. At the other end, Doblas' save has kept Delhi in the game. Can they take advantage?

8.14 pm: GOA WILL KICK THEMSELVES! Romeo almost in touching distance of goal gets on the end of a touch-in...Doblas saves magnificently. The rebound goes to Moura with the goal at his mercy and he skies it over....

8.13 pm: Rafael has been fouled again and has been stretchered out. That's the third time now. It's been a tough game for him, but he's still got a goal to his credit.

8.11 pm: Now that can be frustrating. Delhi get a free kick, Joffre gets a yellow card...and they proceed to waste it. Carlos is not happy and can you really blame him?

8.10 pm: Adil Nabi takes a lovely attempt from just inside the box. That's good intent shown by Delhi, though it was straight at the keeper.

8.07 pm: And we're off again. The noise in the stadium only gets louder.

7.51 pm: HALF-TIME! Goa go in 2-0 ahead and with a 2-1 aggregate. They came out attacking and deserved both their goals. Delhi took a while to get into the game, but showed at the end that they're not out of it yet. It was an exciting half but the second half looks set to be even better. Don't forget there's just one goal in it.

7.48 pm: Malouda had another good chance but Moura pulled off a wonderful block.

7.46 pm: Five minutes of extra time in the first half. Understandable with the amount of injuries and cards we've seen in this half.

7.43 pm: Second time Rafael has been on the sidelines receiving treatment. In between, he scored the all important second goal. Goa will want him back.

7.41 pm: Can Delhi muster a reply from somewhere? To be fair, they've had some chances, though they've been far and few. It's just one goal though so it's still anybody's game.

7.36 pm: CLOSE THERE AGAIN FOR DELHI. Malouda ran in and took advantage of a misunderstanding between the defender and the keeper. Very very close, just went wide.

7.34 pm: Santos, Delhi's hero from the first leg, gets a yellow. He's been much more subdued tonight.

7.31 pm: Goa are playing a breathtakingly high-tempo game. It's incredible to watch. They look good to get more. Delhi need to respond and Carlos has decided to replace Riise with Mulder.

7.28 pm: GOA GO IN FRONT! What a fantastic 50-yard pass from Mandar Desai in defence to attack. And Rafael gets on top of it, Delhi's defenders don't close him down, he aims, shoots and puts it there! Goa are 2-0 up and are going through if they continue like this!

7.26 pm: CLOSE FOR DELHI. Slow build-up, passing it around before Nabi swivels from the edge of the box and shoots. Great shot and just missed the goal.

7.22 pm: Romeo Fernandes could have got Goa's second. Doblas was off his lines and Fernandes needed to place it properly. Close!

7.21 pm: Now Delhi are finally settling in. A string of passes before Sehnaj Singh unleashes a very ambitious shot. Doesn't trouble anyone, but at least the intent was there.

7.18 pm: Now Goa's Rafael is down. He slid to save a ball from going out, but then couldn't get up, clutching his left hamstring. He's limped out. Now what?

7.17 pm: Chicao, who was so influential for Delhi in the first leg, is on the sidelines getting treatment. Delhi now playing with ten men. That's not good.

7.13 pm: What a goal. And the first twelve minutes have all been Goa. They've come out attacking and deservedly got the goal to bring them back. And looking by how they're playing, they look good to score more. Delhi will need to play out of their skins now.

7.11 pm: GOAL! GOA ARE BACK IN IT! Joffre the man. Cuts in from the right, sweeps it again with his left foot, brilliant power and into the back of the net. Delhi's defence were caught out there!

7.10 pm: Joffre smashes it hard with his left foot, but it goes sailing over....

7.05 pm: This time, it's Gregory and Riise. Gregory rushes at a long ball and Riise seems to have gone down. For added effect, Gregory went and bumped into the keeper. No yellow but skating on thin ice here, Goa...

7.02 pm: A few frayed tempers right at the start. Robin Singh bumps into Moura. Moura seems hurt. Singh apologies, the referee gives him a talking-to and that's all there is to it...

7.00 pm: Kick-off. The stadium is buzzing. Can Goa do it for their passionate supports?

6.50 pm: Delhi keeper Doblas was fantastic in the last game, making a string of stirring saves to keep Delhi in front. His performance was magnified the next day when Kolkata's Amrinder Singh had a horror show. Keepers can make the difference. And Delhi will be buoyed that their keeper has already proved himself in the semi-final.

6.44 pm: Reinaldo has been Goa's highest scorer this season with seven goals but Zico has not given him a start tonight. Is it because of the yellow card? Does Zico think Goa can do the job without him? Something to chew upon...

6.41 pm: It could never be said when he was playing but under his managership, Carlos has developed Delhi into a team that does not like conceding. They demonstrated that in the first leg, defending grittily against Goa. However even Carlos will know that a 1-0 lead is too short so he will hope to get in a goal as early as possible and then sit back and defend.

6.37 pm: Goa on the other hand have gone for quite a few changes:

Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Pronay Halder, Lucio (C), Arnolin Gregory, Romeo Fernandes, Leo Moura, Bikramjit, Joffre, Mandar Dessai, Rafael Coelho, Dudu.

6.36 pm: Startling line-ups. Delhi go unchanged from the side that defeated Goa on Friday: Toni Doblas (GK), Sehnaj, Anas Edathodika, John Arne Riise, Robert, Dos Santos, Florent Malouda, Anderson Chicao (C), Mama, Adil Nabi, Robin Singh

6.33 pm: Goa were frustrated in that game and at the end, they were just happy to come back trailing by 1-0. Coach Zico obviously felt that he had a better chance of scoring in the second leg and considering Goa have scored the highest number of goals this year, he might have a point there. Two of their key men, Reinaldo and Leo Moura are carrying yellow cards from the first leg though so they'll have to tone down a bit on the aggression quotient.

6.32 pm: Delhi sprung a surprise the other night, defeating a highly fancied Goa at their home. Their defence was impeccable and a Robin Singh strike gave them the lead. They did have a lot of opportunities though and if things don't turn out well for them here, they might go back to regret them.

6.22 pm: Fatorda Stadium in beautiful Goa is the venue tonight and we are here for the second leg of the semi-final between first-placed FC Goa and fourth-placed Delhi Dynamos. In case you forget, Delhi defeated Goa 1-0 at home on Friday so they come into the game with a slim advantage.