Dilip Singh Malviya, a 71-year-old mason from Bhojpura, Madhya Pradesh, was mentioned in the prime minister’s last Mann Ki Baat radio address for offering free services to those who wanted to build a toilet at home. But he never did that, the confused mason has claimed. Malviya had merely said he would wait to be paid for the toilets, built under the Swachh Bharat scheme, till the government's Rs-12,000 incentives reach its beneficiaries. Malviya told The Indian Express that his crop failed this year, and there was no way he could provide free services. He has eight children, two of whom still live with him and his wife.

Modi mentioned Malviya and a news report on the village in his radio address on Sunday, though much of the report mentioned was incorrect. The report also said that every villager has to defecate in the open, which sarpanch Suresh Varma said was untrue. Varma himself has two toilets at home. Other reports with erroneous information about the village have also been published, with them saying that Malviya built all the toilets in the village alone.