Chinese President Xi Jinping has embraced rap music to promote state reform. State broadcaster China Central Television produced a short music video, featuring “state-approved” rapper Wu Wenduo. Xi himself makes an appearance in the video, albeit as an animated figure, with excerpts taken from some of his speeches.

“Let the people’s wish become our action,” the Chinese leader says at one point. “Only the daring will prevail at key stages of reform,” he adds later. Xi’s hip-hop debut is the latest attempt by the ruling Communist Party to use contemporary music to portray a more modern face, reported The Guardian. The party, which was founded in 1921, has ruled China since 1949.

The video commemorates the second anniversary of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, which is headed by Xi. It directly addresses current pressing matters in the country such as pollution and corruption among government officials.

Here is the video: