Governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala on Thursday advised college girls to "give up fashion and lipstick". The 76-year-old said that college was not a platform for a beauty contest, India Today reported. In his valedictory address at the 103rd Indian Science Congress in Mysuru, Vala said, “Boys have to give up their specific addictions. Girls need to give up their fashion. You come to college for studies and not to participate in any beauty competition. You don’t need to get your eyebrows done, apply lipstick or trim your hair.”

Although Vala’s remarks reportedlty had a humorous undertone, women’s organisations took issue with them. A student who was present at the event, said, “Who said a fashionable girl is not academic or intelligent? The governor was addressing the valedictory of a Science Congress. Instead of speaking about promoting science, his comments on girls were unnecessary.”