The Swaraj Abhiyan, a political outfit formed by expelled Aam Aadmi Party leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, has opened 100 offices in Delhi, dna reported. The leaders are believed to be in the process of turning the breakaway group into a political party, with an eye on the Municipal Council of Delhi polls. Yadav inaugurated an office in ward 145 – Palam – on Tuesday morning.

The Abhiyan is hoping to build a support base in the city so it can help solve people’s problems, one of its leaders said. If it does become a political party, it will be a direct competitor to the AAP, which is hoping to take key MCD seats away from the Bharatiya Janata Party. Yadav and Bhushan’s group has also hinted at contesting the Punjab polls next year, but this could not be confirmed.

Yadav and Bhushan were expelled from the AAP in 2014 after a series of allegations and counter-allegations arose regarding the selection process for party candidates for the Delhi elections. They formed the Swaraj Abhiyan in April 2015, and were joined by other dissenting AAP volunteers.