The Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan that is in India to probe into January’s Pathankot attacks agreed on Thursday that four of the terrorists were Pakistani. The JIT made a written request to India’s National Investigative Agency to share evidence in the case under section 188 of Pakistan’s criminal procedure code, which pertains to crimes committed by its citizens outside the country, the Hindustan Times reported.

According to The Indian Express, an Indian official said, ““They are not denying that the terrorists were from Pakistan. We have shared their identities and addresses and they have said they will probe further. The set of accused for Pak JIT and NIA are more or less the same. We have seen their FIR.”

The two countries have been sharing evidence in the case since Wednesday. The Pakistani JIT has examined 13 witnesses including Punjab’s Superintendent of Police Salwinder Singh, his cook Madan Gopal and his jeweler friend Rajesh Verma. The three of them were travelling in a police vehicle when four people overpowered them and stole the car to reach the airbase the day before the attacks, in which 13 people were killed.