Early calls by multiple networks on Tuesday showed that Texas Senator Ted Cruz had comprehensively beaten controversial front-runner Donald Trump at the Wisconsin primary. According to Vox, most of the state's 42 delegates are likely to go to Cruz. While this does not close the rather sizeable gap between Cruz and Trump in terms of total delegates – a count that decides who will be the GOP's eventual presidential nominee – it does mean that Trump will have to work steer clear of any gaffes ahead of the primaries in the country's north-east and California.

On the Democratic side, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders was called winner of the Wisconsin primary ahead of leading candidate Hillary Clinton. This is Sanders' sixth straight win against Clinton in recent contests, though experts believe Clinton's lead is largely unassailable. Regardless, Tuesday's loss will mean Clinton will have to work harder on her strategy to connect with young, white, working class voters, the New York Times reported, especially with Sanders' gunning for a win in her adopted home state of New York.