The third woman who has accused RK Pachauri, former chief of The Energy and Resources Institute, of sexual harassment has written to The Indian Express and dismissed claims he had made regarding the allegations in an interview with The Guardian's sister publication, The Observer. Pachauri had told the British newspaper that his phone and computer were hacked, and that the first victim, with whom he is locked in a court case, had used these accounts to create false evidence and stoke a conspiracy against him.

The Indian Express report claims that the newest complainant, in her email, said: I wanted to support the women that spoke up against him. I hope that his ridiculous claims can be exposed for the lies they truly are.” She also said that while he did not contact her through email and text, as he did with the other two complainants, “he would call her during non-work hours and ask her to come to his office”, the report added.

On March 1, the Delhi Police had filed a 1,400-page chargesheet against the once-acclaimed environmentalist, in a case of sexual harassment filed by the first victim in February 2015. Pachauri has since alleged that the woman who had filed the case against him had done so for money. The Guardian was heavily criticised for its sympathetic story on Pachauri.