The Central Water Commission on Thursday said the water levels in the country’s major reservoirs have dipped to 19%. The commission comes out with a weekly update on the condition of 91 out of the country's 4,500 dams. According to The Hindu, the commission’s Chairman GS Jha said levels have not been so low in the past four or five years, and he cannot remember when they were last below 20%.

However, Jha said there is no reason to panic as there is enough drinking water left to sustain the country till the monsoon hits. With weather officials predicting an above average monsoon this year, some of the dams have been drained a little extra, Jha said. These 91 dams store nearly two-thirds of the country’s water capacity, the report added.

Two consecutive droughts have left large parts of the country parched. However, the positive monsoon forecasts have left farmers and economists with hope that there will be a revival in the situation.