Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar on Saturday withdrew his hunger strike for medical reasons, PTI reported. Kumar was sent to the university medical centre on Thursday after his health deteriorated and was then moved to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Kumar and several other JNU students began a hunger strike on April 28 as a sign of protest against the verdict of a panel set up to investigate incidents that led to his arrest in February. So far, six students have reportedly ended their fast, while 14 others continue their hunger strike.

Kumar was discharged from AIIMS on Friday after being treated for mild dehydration and ketosis. Doctors had advised him to end his fast and undergo medical tests, a statement from JNUSU said. “While he has withdrawn the fast, he will continue with the agitation,” the statement added. Earlier reports had said Kumar planned to continue his hunger strike against medical advice.

Earlier in the week, JNU Vice Chancellor Jagadeesh Kumar had appealed to students to resolve the matter. On Friday, the administration had asked students to not invite outsiders into the university because it might affect the academic atmosphere and peace on campus.

Kumar and two others, Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, were arrested on sedition charges for their alleged involvement in a protest held at JNU against the judicial hanging of Parliament attack accused Afzal Guru. A panel set up to investigate incidents that led to the arrests had recommended a Rs 10,000 fine for Kumar. It also rusticated Khalid, Bhattacharya and another JNU student, Mujeeb Gato, from the university for different durations.