The Supreme Court on Tuesday said all diesel taxis that have an all-India tourist permit can ply in the National Capital Region, till such time that the permit is valid, the Economic Times reported. However, it reiterated that new diesel taxis cannot be registered in the region. "These diesel taxis will have to comply with regulations of safety, security and fare," the court said.

On Monday, the court had ruled that diesel taxis with all-India permits will be allowed if they are ferrying BPO employees, after industry experts had argued that a ban on them would force such businesses to move out of the national capital.

The court had in December cracked down on diesel vehicles in Delhi, which has been battling alarming air pollution levels. On April 30, it refused to extend the deadline for diesel taxis to convert to CNG. Diesel taxis have, thus, not been plying in the region since May 1. The move has caused chaos in the city, with taxi drivers protesting and the Centre trying to appeal to the court in their favour by saying it has cost them their jobs.