The registrar of Delhi University on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bachelor of Arts degree is authentic, News18 reported. The Aam Aadmi Party, which has been claiming otherwise, had visited the university earlier in the day to verify the documents but was told to come back on Wednesday.

On Monday, the BJP called the AAP’s allegations that Modi's degrees were fake and baseless. The party said it would put the documents in the public domain so people could see for themselves. However, the AAP came forward soon after the BJP's announcement to claim that irregularities remain in the documents, and that the BJP must apologise for duping the public.

Last week, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had written to Delhi University, asking it to put up details of Modi’s degree on its website for the public and to make sure that the degree documents were "safe". The Delhi chief minister had also claimed that his party had documents to prove that Modi’s degree was fake. On Friday, Kejriwal had said a different Narendra Modi, not the prime minister, had received a degree from DU.