While some districts in Tamil Nadu recorded a high voter turnout despite rainfall on Monday, Chennai district recorded the lowest polling numbers in the state, with just 60.5% of the electorate casting their vote. The state had an average turnout of 73.8%, The Times of India reported. Saidapet, which was among the worst-hit areas in the December floods, also recorded a very low voter turnout, the report said. This came after analysts and political parties predicted a large voter turnout from the state capital after it was hit by the unprecedented floods last year.

Constituencies in north Chennai recorded more voters than in south Chennai, while much of the electorate in high profile pockets like Mylapore and Thousand Lights constituencies chose not to vote. Other districts in the state that were badly affected by the floods, like Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur and Cuddalore, recorded much higher polling percentages at 72%, 68% and 74%, IANS said. Harbour and Villivakkam in Chennao recorded the state's lowest voter turnouts, at 53% and 54%.

Analysts attributed the poor numbers in Chennai to indifference and many voters having gone away on vacation. Several said their names had not been included on the electoral rolls either.