The Jharkhand Police are considering a Maoist link to the murder of TV journalist Indradev Yadav aka Akhilesh Pratap Singh, reported Hindustan Times. Police said the murder was carried out by a local maoist group, who shot the 35-year-old dead when he refused to pay Rs 7 lakh as levy. Three people, including an aide of a BJP legislator, have been arrested so far in connection with the crime. The investigators said six people were involved in planning and executing the murder that took place on May 13.

According to the police, Maoist splinter group Tritiya-Sammelan Prastuti Committee orchestrated the murder, and the Simaria MLA, whose aide and supporter has been arrested, had nothing to do with the crime, reported The Indian Express.

“The TPC ultra Mukesh Ganjhu was the mastermind of the murder. He had plotted the journalists’ murder on Thursday morning after the scribe did not pay him the levy. Suraj Sao was also present there. The TPC had demanded Rs seven lakh as levy from Indradev for executing transmission line work with NTPC,” Chatra Superintendent of Police Anjani Kumar Jha said.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das has announced compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the victim's family.