Union Minister Jitendra Singh has said that the Centre will promote the use of Hindi in government offices in southern states as well as the North East to help the language gain popularity in every corner of the the country, reported The Indian Express. He said the initiative can start with encouraging use of the language in routine conversation.

"Hindi has the capacity to serve not only as a common medium of communication for the whole country, but it also carries higher stakes for youngsters who aspire for jobs in corporate sector and multinational companies, where knowledge of Hindi is given an additional weightage during selection," Singh said, according to the English daily, which quoted a statement released after a meeting of the Hindi Advisory Committee on Wednesday.

Singh chaired the meeting, which was meant to find ways in which the language can be promoted in administrative work. The minister of state for personnel is, however, believed to have said that the language should not be imposed on people, rather people should be inspired to adopt Hindi on their own for in larger interest of national administration and ease of governance.