Egyptian investigators said they have found the cockpit voice recorder of the EgyptAir fight that crashed in May in the Mediterranean, BBC reported. The device was located by a vessel with an underwater robot that has been combing the region north of the Egypt coastline. The same vessel had earlier found and photographed the wreckage of flight MS804 in the sea, BBC reported.

The discovery of the recorder is expected to help investigators ascertain what caused the plane, which was headed to Cairo from Paris, to crash with 66 people on board. They may be able hear what the pilot and co-pilot said to each other, in addition to anything else in the background.

Airbus, the manufacturer of the airplane, had earlier said that locating the recorder was vital to finding out what happened when radar lost track of the EgyptAir. Officials are also hoping to find the flight data recorder, which maintains the computer files of any flight. International civil norms require all aircraft to be equipped with both kinds of recorders, or black boxes as they are also known, in order to find information about a flight in case of a crash.