Mizoram churches have asked Christians not to participate in World Yoga Day being celebrated on Tuesday, because the discipline is not part of their religion but that of Hinduism, reported The Telegraph. "All of us know that yoga is associated with Hindu philosophy and thus it cannot be accepted. Yoga goes against the teachings and philosophy of Christianity," said Reverend R Lalrinsanga, secretary of the Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee that governs around 15 churches in the state.

However, Lalrinsanga clarified that they are not against the celebrations in the region which is secular. He said they only feel that the church goers should not take part in it. Last year, the churches in the northeast state called for a boycott. "We are not asking people not to take part in yoga day celebration this time. Last year, we had called for a boycott as International Yoga Day fell on Sunday, which is a sacred day in Christianity," he added.

In Mizoram, the celebrations took place at the Assam Rifles Ground in Aizawl with the chief executive officer of the state Ayush department as the chief guest.