At an ongoing Nuclear Suppliers Group meeting in Seoul, South Korea, several member countries have reportedly blocked India’s membership bid, ANI reported. Earlier, China appeared to be a sole opponent against India’s membership, however, Ireland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria and New Zealand are not supporting India’s induction into the 48-member group. Some member countries blocked the bid, citing that India is not part of the Nuclear Non-profileration Treaty. India, Pakistan, Israel and South Sudan have not signed the NPT.

Pakistan’s membership to the NSG was reportedly not discussed, though China reportedly brought up the matter. China had earlier opposed India’s membership to the international body, but on Wednesday did a volte face and said it was open to discussions on the issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Tashkent for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, discussed India’s bid to join the NSG with Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier on Thursday.