In Haryana, at least 7,000 girl students do not have proper toilet facilities at the schools they attend, according to a survey done by National University of Educational Planning and Administration. The study reveals that 85 schools, including those for girls alone as well as those which cater to both boys and girls, do not have separate girls' toilets. At least 52 schools in the state have girls' toilets that are not in working condition, reported the Hindustan Times.

The problem is not faced by the students alone, the teaching staff is also suffering because of lack of proper sanitation facilities. The data shows that at least 250 female teachers do not have exclusive washrooms in the state. Mewat has 14 such schools without toilet facilities for girl students, making it the district with the most number of such schools, followed by Panipat, which has 10 such schools. There are around 2,546 toilets in 22,000 schools in the state that are not functional.

The situation is bleak even for schools that have proper toilet facilities, revealed the data. Around 4,500 schools in the state that have toilet facilities, lack provisions to wash hands near the toilets. Last year, there were 419 schools in the state that didn't have toilet facilities for girls.