The Syrian military declared a three-day truce across the entire nation. The army's ceasefire began early on Wednesday and will extend until midnight on Friday, covering the period during which Eid will be celebrated. However, rebel and opposition groups did not respond to the announcement made by the army. There was sporadic violence in parts of the country on Wednesday, AP reported, including by pro-government groups.

US Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed the move and said talks to expand the ceasefire to other parties were being held. “We hope that the 72 hours could perhaps be a harbinger of possibilities to come,” Kerry said.

The last ceasefire in Syria was called by the Bashar al Assad-led government in February, ahead of peace talks. Terrorist groups were not included in the agreement, though Russia had also agreed to comply with the truce. Around 2,70,000 people have died during the civil war, and millions have fled the country. As much as 11.5% of the country’s population has been killed since the civil war began. Around 4,00,000 people are estimated to be under siege in the country.