The Delhi Police on Wednesday arrested a man who sent lewd text messages and videos to more than 1,500 women. Apparently acting out of an inferiority complex stemming from his beingjust five-feet-tall and being rejected in the past, Mohammed Khalid got "sadistic pleasure" from harassing his victims and them begging him to stop, police said. He also threatened to make the wome's numbers public if they tried to take him to task, or told relatives who called back that he was the woman's former lover.

Of his modus operandi, the police said he collected several SIM cards using fake documents. He would call random numbers and save them if a woman picked up. He collected more than 2,000 contacts this way. Then he would look at the profile picture attached to the number, and start texting if he liked it. The texts would start with an innocuous hi or hello, but quickly descend into a barrage of vulgar messages and pornographic clips.

Khalid lives in Sadar Bazaar area of North Delhi and his family claims to have had no knowledge of his activities. He has been booked for multiple offences under the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act.