Super typhoon Nepartak made landfall in Taiwan the early hours of Friday. Between 9,000 and 15,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, reports said, and several thousand homes lost power. Winds have reached up to 240 kmph. Nepartak made landfall in the eastern city of Taitung, flipping cars and tearing roofs off buildings.

Before Nepartak made landfall, eastern parts of Taiwan saw more than 300 mm of rain in 12 hours. Conditions over southern and central Taiwan are expected to become worse in the next few hours, CNN said.

One death was reported, and nearly 70 injuries so far. Troops were deployed across the country and emergence services ramped up ahead of the super typhoon. Flights out of Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport were cancelled and the country’s railway services were suspended as well.

Nepartak is the first super typhoon reported in 2016, and the largest in Taiwan in the last six years. It will move to China early on Saturday, weather experts said.