Sports Minister Vijay Goel on Monday said his ministry is “not directly involved in a lot of things”, hours after Indian marathon runner OP Jaisha said she could have died as Indian officials did not provide her with drinking water during her race on August 14. Jaisha had fainted from dehydration after her 42-km run, and alleged that no one from the Indian delegation was present to provide her with the refreshments she needed to complete the race safely.

Goel said the Indian Olympic Association was responsible for providing facilities for athletes at the Games, and that he will “look into the matter”. According to Jaisha, the Indian desks at the event were empty, even as other countries provided their athletes with glucose and water every 2.5 km. Organisers at the Rio event provided a sponge and some water every 8 kilometres, which Jaisha said was not nearly enough. The national record holder had finished 89th in the race.