A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Whistleblower behind Scorpene leak to hand over data disk to Australian government on Monday: Authorities already know the identity of the individual, a report in the weekend edition of the newspaper, which carried the first report on the breach, said.
  2. Olympics task force that streamlines training, selection, facilities will be set up, says Narendra Modi: The prime minister said the move would help prepare Indian athletes for the 2020, 2024 and 2028 Games.
  3. Bombay High Court order lifts ban on women inside inner sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah, but stays order for six weeks: The shrine's trust had barred women from entering it in 2011, saying it was a 'sin' in Islam for them to be in close proximity of a male Muslim saint's grave.
  4. Reconsider 'paternalistic' and 'anti-liberal' draft surrogacy Bill, says Congress: Party spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi compared the proposed law to one from the 'stone ages' and also crisicised the suggested 10-year term for violations.
  5. National Human Rights Commission issues notice to Odisha government over treatment of dead in state: The notice follows two reports of people in the state being forced to carry bodies themselves because of the lack of ambulances at the hospitals concerned.
  6. West Bengal Assembly unlists GST Bill from special session, postpones discussions indefinitely: While TMC leaders cited 'time constraints' as the reason for the deferment, BJP state unit chief Dilip Ghosh said it was a 'political conspiracy'.
  7. Court issues notice to Centre on triple talaq after Muslim woman says she was divorced over the phone: The Howrah resident said she 'wanted justice' as she did not 'accept the talaq by phone' and also sought maintenance to bring up her children.
  8. BJP MP Virendra Singh rejects US visa after embassy asks him to remove turban: The Lok Sabha member, who is a known agriculturist, said he did not want to visit a country that 'insulted Indian farmers, tradition and culture'.
  9. Toll in central Italy earthquake rises to 281, state funeral to be held: Rescue operations were called off in a number of areas, three days after the disaster struck and more than 1,050 aftershocks were felt.
  10. Top French court temporarily suspends burkini ban pending ruling: The Conseil d’Etat’s ruling said the ban in the town of Villeneuve-Loubet ‘seriously, and clearly illegally’ breached several fundamental freedoms.