Former Brazilian vice president Michel Temer was sworn in as the country's new president late on Wednesday, after the Senate voted to impeach and remove Dilma Rousseff from office. He will serve as the president for the next two years before the country elects a new head of state on January 1, 2019, reported BBC.

Temer, who was the acting president during Rousseff's impeachment proceedings, said after he took oath that he promised to uphold the Constitution and vowed to bring in a "new era" of government for Brazil. A member of the Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, he asked his ministers to work with the Congress to revive the country's economy.

As part of his first assignment, Temer will soon visit China to participate in the G-20 summit. "We are talking about a massive $60 billion deficit, the worst recession this country has been in, double-digit inflation and millions of people out of work," the new president said, according to Aljazeera.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Brazil Senate voted 61-20 to remove suspended president Rousseff after she was accused of mishandling the country’s budget and misrepresenting the economy. It also marked an end to the 13 years' rule by the left-wing Workers' Party. However, Rousseff is likely to challenge the decision in the country’s top court.