Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on Sunday affirmed that its border with Syria was cleared of all terror outfits, including the Islamic State group. "Thank God, today, from Azaz to Jarablus, our 91-km borderline with Syria has been entirely secured...All the terrorist organisations were pushed back – they are gone," he said in a televised speech, BBC reported.

He added that Turkey would never allow an artificial state to be formed in the north of Syria, referring to the so-called Islamic State. Besides this militant outfit, Turkey considers Kurdish groups terrorist organisations, as well.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, "rebels and Islamist factions, backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes" recaptured a number of villages along the border between Turkey and Syria after Islamic State group militants withdrew from them. This brings an end to the terrorist group's presence in the region and also cuts of its supply lines for arms and new fighters.

Yildirim's announcement came hours after Syrian regime forces seized areas in southwest Aleppo, including two military academies. Government troops, backed by allies, launched an offensive and recaptured the Weaponry College and the Air Force Technical College in the Ramousah locality.