Britannia Industries Ltd will have to temporarily stop selling its digestive biscuits, "NutriChoice Zero", after the Delhi High Court passed an injunction order against the company in a copyright infringement case filed by rival ITC Ltd, reported mint. On Tuesday, Justice S Muralidhar said, "Britannia is granted four weeks to phase out existing stocks and maintain accounts."

The case is related to the packaging of the biscuit that ITC has held was copied from their product – Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive All Good biscuit. Britannia initially agreed to change the blue colour in their packaging, but refused to remove the yellow colour citing that the company has been using the colour in the packaging of variants of their digestive biscuits for long.

Britannia launched the packaging in question in June 2016, only months after ITC introduced their product with similar packaging, according to Business Standard. The Bangalore-based company also contended that they enjoy a bigger market share of 66%, compared with ITC's 1.7%. ITC is based out of Kolkata.

Britannia has filed a counter-suit against ITC for using the yellow colour on the packaging of their product. The ITC's suit has claimed damages from Britannia for copying their trademark that has resulted in similar packaging of their products.