Social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday expressed disappointment in the Aam Aadmi Party regarding the recent controversies surrounding its leaders, reported ANI. The 79-year-old said he had high expectations from Arvind Kejriwal's party. "I am very hurt...When he [Arvind Kejriwal] was with me, he wrote a book on gram swaraj...Will we call this gram swaraj? That's why I am very sad. The hope with which I was looking at him [Arvind Kejriwal] is over," Hazare said, according to NDTV.

He said that when the Delhi chief minister launched his party, Hazare had told him to ensure that people joining his outfit are not tainted. The activist said, "Kejriwal has worked with me for several years, I always told him that workers of an organisation should be well-mannered and behaved, they should be people with pure thoughts and should be people with clean image." He said the recent complaints against several AAP leaders go on to prove that Kejriwal did not follow his advice regarding thorough checks before inducting people into his party.