The Spanish Talgo train completed its trial run between New Delhi and Mumbai in 11 hours 48 minutes on Sunday, reported Times of India. The Rajdhani Express takes 15 hours and 50 minutes to cover the same distance, 1384 km, at 130 kmph. The new high-speed train travelled at a maximum speed of 150 kmph.

A railway official said, "The train departed from New Delhi at 2:45 pm on Saturday and arrived in Mumbai Central at 2.33 am on Sunday." The ministry has carried out five trial runs of the train at 140 kmph. The coaches of this new train, imported from Spain in April, are lighter thus helping the train cover more distance in a shorter period. The train, which can travel at 200 kmph, can be used across the Indian Railways network in the next two to three years once the government figures out local production. The aim is to cut the travel time between the two metros to 12 hours.