The Oxford English Dictionary on Monday added 1,000 new words to its latest list of revisions and updates. Among them, the most commonly in everyday language are YOLO (an acronym for "you only live once"), moobs (prominent breasts on a man), yogalates (a combination of yoga and pilates) and splendiferous (full of splendour).

The September update of the dictionary, which is revised every three months, marked the 100th birth anniversary of children's novelist Roald Dahl. The writer had a penchant for using unique words, which Oxford described as "Dahlesque" in its update. Human bean (a humourous way of saying human being), scrumdiddlyumptious (extremely scrumptious) and gremlin (a creature that causes trouble) are among the words added to the lexicon in Dahl's honour.

The 150-year-old dictionary has more than six lakh words. Gender fluid (one who does not identify with a particular gender), 'Merica (a shorter form of America), squee (high-pitched squealing) and fuhgeddaboudit (forget about it) also made it to the latest update.